• Manufacture of special circular saws in HM and HSS
  • Manufacture of standard and special milling cutters with welded plates in HSS and HM
  • Manufacture of heads and end mills with HM plates mechanically fixed for pantographs and work centers.
  • Manufacture and regrinding of HM inserts, all brands by CNC. Sharpened by profile or face. German Raw material.
  • Manufacture and regrinding of HSS and HM serrated back knives, to machine two or more moldings, profiled in CNC.
  • Manufacture of milling cutters for PVC OPENINGS workshop. Welding tapes and drilling templates.
  • Templates in tempered steel profiled by CNC or acrylic cut by laser.
  • Surface finish by baked paint or black face treatment on CNC tools.
  • Manufacture of planning head with light alloy body.
  • Special blades for peeling lathes.
  • Special blades for chiperas.


  • Sharpening and repair of circular saws in HM, HSS and DIA
  • Sharpening and repair of milling cutter with welded plates in HM, HSS and DIA.
  • Sharpening of tools in general in HM HSS and DIA of: saw blades, knives, bits, end mills, spiral cutter, nesting, chains, multi-cuts heads.
  • Dynamic electronic balancing of milling cutters for CNC, cutter heads, circular milling cutters, circular saws up to 800 mm. Control of speed, vibrations, power, factory performance.
  • Cleaning of tools by ultrasound, shot penning, or glass microsphere.

References: HSS (super fast steel) | HM  (hard metal, widia) | DIA  (polycrystalline diamond)


Together with from Portugal, we sharpen and repair diamond tools for metallurgy and composite materials in Argentina; we have three CNC, measuring equipment and dynamic electronic balancing machine.

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