FRUND STARK SA is a company that through four generations, and for more than 80 years, has been dedicated to the maintenance, repair, manufacture and sale of cutting tools for wood, aluminum, PVC and special metals.

The factory is installed in Rafaela (Santa Fe) ARGENTINA, and produces a wide range of cutting tools, shape inserts, special circular saws in HM, among others.

It has offices in Rafaela, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Posadas in ARGENTINA and Montevideo, URUGUAY for marketing, after-sales service and corresponding technical advice.

STARK y KLEIN de Italia; FREZITE, FMT Toolig System y SERI de Portugal y MEBOR de Eslovenia, garantizan la provisión de una amplia gama de herramientas reconocidas en todo el mundo, como: HM (widia), HSS (acero súper rápido) y DIA (Diamante policristalino) de alta calidad.

The permanent updating of equipment, know-how, technical assistance and professional training allows us to interact with quality in the Argentine market and in South American countries.

Our slogan is a formula that gives us excellent results:

P + Q + P (Price, Quality, Performance)


The design of the tools projected by the engineering department and
advice from suppliers according to customer requirements, guarantees greater
performance and durability.


The use of certified national and imported raw materials, equipment and
the latest technology, a team of professionals and technicians, guarantees a superior quality of
all tooling.


Personalized attention to its clients in accordance with what has been requested from the engineering department, a large stock of cutting tools for immediate solutions and a face-to-face and remote pre and post sale service guarantee customer satisfaction. The
company has highly trained engineers.

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FRUND STARK S.A., four generations, which for more than 80 years have been exclusively dedicated to the maintenance, repair, manufacture and sale of cutting tools for wood, aluminum, PVC and special metals.


Hernández 328, 2300 - Rafaela - Pcia. Santa Fe, Argentina.

Gdor. Sylvestre Begnis 2270, 2300 - Rafaela - Pcia. Santa Fe, Argentina (Rafaela economic activities park)

Sales and Administration

Bolivar 478, 2300 - Rafaela - Pcia. Santa Fe, Argentina.


Sales ventas@frund-stark.com.ar

Administration administracion@frund-stark.com.ar


Rotary lines: +54 (3492) 422784

Cordoba office: +54 (351) 153198585

Buenos Aires office: +54 (11) 42068025

Misiones, Posadas office: +54 (376) 154211125

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